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In 2014 the Tosigroup’s management decided to combine skills and experience acquired in the luxury, wellness and technology sectors and to focus on the development of a new concept called SOUNIQUE® HOTEL: based on the belief in luxury as wellbeing and a source of interior richness.
The idea is to provide 5-star hotel accommodations with exclusive services.
The project has acquired international dimensions and is expressed through two different channels:

1. The realization of SOUNIQUE® HOTELS devoted to people, linked to intimate experiences in a space designed for the human dimension where guests can be pampered in the most relaxing, private manner strictly focused on the individual, rather than one-size-fits-all.
It is an opportunity to add the discovery of an even more unique “universe” to the experience of travel;

2. Acquisition of hotels already in business.
All the hotels are strategically located in the main Mediterranean tourist capitals.

The success factors that make this project original for the reference market are its attention to the wellbeing of the guests and the realization of unique rooms, which will feature a meeting among the Arts.